This blog is my main blog where I post pretty much anything I find interesting. I am a genderqueer (them, him or her are all fine), bisexual person who currently lives in America. I am a big ol' geek who loves critically examining stuff, and someone who is very interested in social justice. I identify as a Universalist with heavy Pagan and Christian leanings, and also as a Lokean and follower of Morrigan. So... pretty much expect posts about all of the above!
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This is Maria Christian, my former cast director at the Michigan Renaissance Festival as her character, Princess Isaade M’boukou. Maria’s been designing and wearing African-Elizabethan fusion garb to MiRF for decades, so she has a few different gowns and headpieces in rotation. In addition to her duties keeping the stage acts organized, as Isaade she acts as an impresario at the feasts, talks about West African traditions and folklore, and is much needed and treasured PoC representation on the cast.

I go to the Michigan RenFest every year and I remember see this woman’s amazing dresses. Fun fact, we also have The Nun, who roams the grounds in a period habit trying to save souls and punishing nonbelievers. She’s also a very awesome black woman.

That sounds amazing and terrifying.





Darren Wilson’s jury
9 white
3 black

number of votes needed to get him off
9 out of 12

Coincidence….Um no.

The town is 60% black and you could only find 3 blacks to serve on this jury? 


I mean, hell. You could have made it “fair:” 6 whites and 6 blacks. 

Or even just 6 non white people, they don’t all need to be black people but seriously. Provide a fair fucking jury.

Six of those white jury members were probably at the rallies supporting Darren Wilson.

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What?? WTNV art that isn’t Cecilos WHAT

So I’ve had this idea for a series of Welcome to Night Vale art nouveau pieces for ages. I didn’t know if this would even work, and I’ve been afraid to try for months, but, I guess I’m doing it after all! 

(P.S the flowers are Clematis Josephines ;) )

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Here’s a picture from our first book, A Hero at the End of the World, written by Erin Claiborne (eleveninches) and illustrated by Jade Liebes (hydrae). The two guys in this photo are Ewan Mao and his former best friend Oliver Abrams.

As a teenager, Ewan was prophesied to save Britain from an evil tyrant — but chickened out at the last moment. Instead, his best friend Oliver ended up defeating the villain. Five years later, Oliver is a national hero while Ewan works at a coffee shop and still lives with his parents. But the two friends are unwillingly reunited when a magical cult targets Ewan in a plot to end the world.

A Hero at the End of the World is a hilarious and gripping combination of YA fantasy adventure, queer romance, and political satire. It will be published by Big Bang Press on November 11, and you can find out more on our website!

fantasy adventure, queer romance, and political satire - this book is everything i’ve ever wanted in my YA fantasy loving heart

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1. Disney, take note. Female characters don’t always have to be pretty.

2. Even if Korrasami will never happen in canon, they’re giving us plenty to work with without going into the realm of queer baiting.

3. I never expected they’d let a female character go bald and have tattoos. Bravo. Bra fucking vo. Also: so Aang.